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Roy Justice: Home


Hello! Welcome to my website!
If you enjoy American Folk Music, American History, and the exploration of both, you're at the right place!
My name is Roy Justice and I am a singing historian. I present programs on different aspects and topics of American History, combining music of the time period with the historical landscape within which the music was a part.  Please, take some time to read through some of the pages on my site, and listen to sound clips from my CD projects.  Feel free to post a comment to me about your impressions of the site and the music projects.

I have three projects available for purchase:

Down Canal on the Lehigh - a collection of 19th Century Canal songs, some Americana folk songs, and some originals ($15 plus $2 shipping)

Of Canals and Coal - more fun with 19th Century Canal and Coal songs, including 16 Tons and the Cat Came Back ($15 plus $2 shipping)

Patriotic Songs and Their Stories - a CD of 14 of our most Patriotic Songs, including a 5 song tribute to our Armed Forces.  This CD has an accompanying 39 page booklet that contains all of the history of the songs and their places and signifigance in American History (Normally $25 plus $2 shipping, but for a limited time, is available for the special price of only $20 plus $2 shipping!).

Please email me with any questions that you may have and enjoy looking around the website!

Roy Justice - Singing Historian
A little history, a little mystery and allot of fun!